About Me

Martin HowleyHi I’m Martin Howley, I’m a carpenter and real estate investor, originally from Ireland, but now living in sunny Perth Australia. Today I want to share my story with you and how I have pulled myself up from big challenges in my life… and to inspire you to make big changes in your life as well.

Way back in 1998 I returned from Berlin, Germany to England where I was working as a formwork carpenter, work was drying up there and picking up in England. My girlfriend had to stay back in Berlin because of her teaching job.

Before that time I had owned several rental houses and my goal was to save enough money quickly to buy more properties again and hopefully pack it in with construction.

I had been diagnosed with Celiac disease way back in 91, which was beginning to take so much energy away from me, I knew that I could not continue to do construction for the rest of my life.

Things were going well until I got a call from my girlfriend. She had been to the doctor and she says they think they found something on her breast. I told her not to worry that it was a mistake.

But when she went back on the Monday she was told the bad news. She had 6 months to live. This was the shock of my life.
She had to leave her job. I started flying back and forth, and paying for treatments. Well I borrowed money from the bank, I bought more property, thinking I could make money quickly to help support Maria and help her beat her cancer.

Sadly after 4 years of fighting the dam thing, it was over. The love of my life was gone to heaven.

After pulling myself together and then looking at my bank account, to my shock I had got myself into 100,000 in debt with 10 properties to look after.

I was at my end. Ready to go bankrupt and give up.

Thanks to my good friend Shirley who put the DVD of the Secret in my hands and a book called, You can heal your life, by Louise Hay. Well this was my turning point.

I found a new belief in myself. I just had to believe I would get out of my mess. Not long after I got a better job and better money.

In 2011 I get a job offer to go to Perth Australia. I got a dream job in the mining industry, paying me $3,000 dollars a week. I can see I will be free of my debts very soon, and in just 18 months I am debt free and still own all of my 10 properties in England. It felt like a real miracle.

After working 12 hours a day, 7 days a week for 2 and a half years, at the end of 2014 I decided I’d had enough of Construction. I was exhausted.

My Celiac disease was really starting to affect my energy and my ability to work as hard when I was younger. I just couldn’t keep doing it anymore.

But I am a driven person. I will work harder than anybody if you give me a job to do. I wasn’t going to let my health get in the way.

So I started looking for different ideas to start making money on the internet.

I came across this Company called MOBE which means My Online Business Education.

I began to do more research and I really liked what I saw. Now I don’t know anything about computers or internet marketing.
I had never done anything like this before. It was a big change from construction and real estate. But I saw a young man on their website that also had a construction background which inspired me as he was doing well and he knew nothing about computers also.

I learned that MOBE had products that I could sell so I didn’t have to create my own products.

They had all the websites built, so I didn’t have to create websites. They had a sales team that would sell to my customers.
They even had coached to advise and help me every step of the way.

They where having an event in Melbourne so I thought I should go and I could meet this ex-builder and get more confidence about this business.

I was willing to learn something new and really wanted to work from home and quit my construction job. I decided to take action and get started.

Now here I am writing this in beautiful Bali at the MOBE Diamond Mastermind event.

I have met some great leaders and teachers in the company who are very helpful with lots of hands on help.

If you are like me and don’t have any experience in this business, MOBE has the support and coaches to help you.

They have a lot of training programs to teach you all the new skills you must learn.

If you want a better quality of life for yourself, if you are ok to work hard, and challenge your self to learn new skills, then you can do this too.

If you are serious, and ready, then its time for you to get started and join us. Join me for a new quality of life.