In this video, I’m going to reveal the process I personally use in my business, to choose a winning offer.

It’s the same process that brought me up to five-figure monthly income part-time and I’m going to lay it down for you right now here. Now there are probably a billion offers that you can promote. Personally I promoted over a hundred different offers in different niches, blowing a ton of money testing how it works.

Now I’ve lost a lot of money doing that but I’ve gained some valuable insights that I know apply to zero in a winning offer that’s sustainable. So please leverage on my mistake. Learn from it so you can choose an offer that’s most likely to make you profitable.

Here are the eight strategies I use to determine if an offer is likely going to be very profitable and sustainable in the long term.

First, the offer needs to cater to a market that is full of starving audiences. It needs to solve a huge problem that many people are willing to pay a huge amount of money to solve it.

If you want your business to reach a certain scale, you need to have a massive audience to sell to.

Point two, the problem your offer solves must be an evergreen problem. Now technologies change. Platforms change and in fact the only consistent is change, with one exception.

The only one constant that hasn’t changed since the beginning of time is human psychology. Most people are always going to want more money. They want to be healthier. They want to be more meaningful, relationships, with each other.

So if we promote an offer that solves these problems, it’s always going to be relevant and sustainable than if we promote the next big thing that’s going to be obsolete in the next few months.

Point three, you want to choose a product that’s proven to be highly converting. One of the main indications of a highly converting offer is one with a huge competition. My friends, competition is good. You wouldn’t want to spend your money testing on something unproven.

So you should always look for a product that many big marketers are promoting as well.

Point four, you want to promote a product that brings results to the people using it. Not just the product owner. So for example, if you’re promoting a product in the internet marketing niche, you want one that has a lot of success stories to the people using it rather than just a product owner getting results.

Having social proof will increase your conversions and you should always stand behind completely with the offer you’re promoting anyway.

You want to promote an offer that constantly innovates the marketing material. Now here’s the truth. Most of the products online are using the same sales process, the same marketing material and the conversions will tend to drop as time goes by.

A good product owner will invest in their business, consistently improving their sales video, innovating their funnels to make more money to their affiliates, promoting it and to bring up their conversions. So both the affiliates and the product owners win long term.

You will want to work with someone with the intention to bringing more profits to the affiliates.

Point six, you need to promote a product that will potentially make you a very high return on investment. Here’s the truth. Nowadays, it can cost you more than $100 to acquire a single customer.

If you’re promoting an offer that only makes you $50 on average per customers, you’re likely to be going to be losing money. You should look out for products that give you high ticket commissions and a sales process that sells the high ticket for you easily.

The profits of any business are always in the backend. So definitely look out for offers that give you commissions for high tickets.

Point seven, you will want to promote an offer that you will make multiple income streams. In the past, I promoted offers that can only make me two or three sales because that’s really all they have. I simply send my traffic to my sales funnel where all the sales process will continue, so lots of products to my – on my behalf.

Point eight, you want to look for an offer with a unique selling proposition. That’s not easy to replicate by the competition. For example, if a product owner allows you to leverage on his proven sales team to call leads on your behalf, closing sales for you, this is an innovation that cannot be easily replicated by the competition.

So here are the eight criteria that I now look before choosing a product to promote. It has made me really profitable following these criteria. I hope this really gives you an insight how to choose a winning offer. See you soon.




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